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Planned activities of this project, desribed below (thematic workshops and lectures; exchange of ideas, tools and methodologies; cooperation for preparation of joint project funded under the Framework Programme) are directed for:

  • Finding common ground for coalesces of strong scientific results of participants to respond to current challenges of enterprises and social communities needs;
  • To train at least 25 doctoral and post-doctoral researchers for core techniques of every partner;
  • To involve them into prolonged inter-disciplinary colaborative research, promote leadership skills, ensuring career expansion in headmost fields.

Means for research training:

  • Every partner will organize at least one workshop, with tutorials provided by leading specialists of organization on core themes.
  • Doctoral students will be encouraged to make presentations and propose solutions to problems associated with network activities. They will be able to get reccomendations with regards to their research and career. Established contacts will lead to internship and colaboration in future.
  • Doctoral students also will be invited to lead for bachelors and consult/supervise master students by network allied themes, so leadership skills will be provided.

Means to increase equal participation and equality of women and men :

  • As number of men working in information systems area is obviously greater then number of women, the laters will be especially promoted to join the network and associated research. In our proposal, there are already 13 women in doctoral research and 2 women in post-doctoral research.

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Network will serve as environment for:

  • Mobility of researchers to share exchange their knowledge, views and experience;
  • Enhancement of quality of research and solving problems in Information System methodological area;
  • Training of young people by involvement in research, career expansion;
  • Enlargement of possibilities of women to be involved in research field;
  • Strengthening and reaching new contacts and communication between researchers for further collaboration;
  • Collaboration for preparation of joint project to be presented to Framework for funding.

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We foresee to unify forces of participants to preparation of join project to be funded under Framework programme. Also we are planning such activities after the grant period:

  • Periodical workshops
  • Exchange of students, researchers and lecturers
  • Maintenance and expansion of thematic network Web site

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Planned workshops

  • The 7th workshop in Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania, April 2008 (participation of MINE partners in the international conference „IT 2008“)
  • The 8th workshop in Gdansk University, Gdansk, Poland, September 2008 (participation of MINE partners in the international conference „BIR 2008“ )
  • The 9th workshop in Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania, April 2009 (participation of MINE partners in the international conference „IT2009“ )
  • The extended workshop/summer school for MINE participants and PhD. students in Nida, Lithuania or other partner country, summer of 2009
  • The 10th workshop in the University of Kristianstad, Kristianstad, Sweden, September 2009 (participation of MINE partners in the international conference „BIR 2009“)

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